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Includes -

For Linux CPanel/WHM Servers:

Root Kit Protection
Antivirus & Firewall Protection
ConfigServer MailQueue
TMP Partion Securing
Removal of uneeded services
Over 70 different security measures
Server Hardening & Tweaking
WHM Updating / Apache Optimization
Mod Security & Network Speed Optimization
Protection from DDOS Attacks
Nobody Controller & Preventer
Cpanel/WHM Optimization (Security)
Brute Force Protection
Report Confirmation by Third Party Security System for added security.
Installation of Various WHM Security/Optimization tools so YOU CAN DO your own maintenance.
HTTPD.Conf and PHP.ini and my.cnf Optimizing is included.
Certification & Potential Scoring of Security

...& Many More services.


- Work is always completed within 24 Hours!
- We continue monitoring for the next 30 days! (Services Guaranteed)
- 30 Day Guarantee (If problems arise regarding the work, we will re-do it)
- Taking Custom Contracts and Offering Discounts for multiple Servers.
- 24x7 Real Telephone Support for all clients.
- Free Optional MSN/Yahoo/AIM Messenger Based Support Service.

Payment Terms:

We are Verified PayPal Premier Users.

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