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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all


    I would like to know if anyone has dealt with the company or any expericens to share?

    I have got a custom quote from them sounds like a deal but I am leary about people now days as most rip you off.

    If not, do you know any that are reasonable in the way of features but not too steep on price and have decent support (reselling)

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    I would also like to know the same about these hosts:,, and

    I have seen threads of them supplying in the upwards of 90-130 gigs of bandwidth. Thisi s what I am looking for with reasonable pricing ! ($60-$75 monthly) with great support and so far these guys seem to hit my needs on the dot I just want to know about them before I signup.

    Thanks to all ;-)
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    Guess not ...? =/

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    Just a suggestion while you are waiting for responses.
    Have you tried using the search tool here in the forum?
    Type in co. name and look for past feedback?
    It will get you started. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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