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    PHP/MySQL Developer Available

    I am available for almost any project invlolving but not limited to PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL/mSQL/HTML/Javascript ... I have done many projects that include Shopping carts, News scripts, Banner Rotators, Pay per click websites, Server control panels and alot more. I am currently working on my portfolio, and website with the domain which should be up in a few days to a few weeks depending on how business goes.

    I charge a very low fee, and am online almost all day (So if you e-mail me I can probably get back to you in an hour or less).

    MSN Messenger handle / Email : [email protected]
    AOL handle: tickner911
    I also check my PMs every now and then, though I dont trust it, so I would prefer the email or AIM if possible.

    I look forward for working with YOU
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