Dark Water Networks now proudly offers Secure VPN Access with the highest encryption available.

Benefits of using a VPN:
- You are completely anonymous when accessing the internet.
- Protection of your privacy is guaranteed with encryption and our no logging policy.
- You will free yourself from Government censorship of internet content.
- Have peace of mind knowing your ISP and Government cannot monitor your internet activity.
- Increase the speed of your P2P applications by bypassing your ISP's traffic shaping.
- The ability to have encrypted communications on unencrypted wireless access points.

Why choose Dark Water Networks for your VPN provider?
Unlike most providers, All of our VPN packages provide you with a dynamically allocated public IP address. Having a public IP is important because it ensures compatibility with every application such as instant messengers, P2P applications, games, and much more.

We do not keep any logs of your activities, period. This ensures that you are 100% anonymous while using our services.

Not only do we offer the basic packages for the average internet users, we offer high-bandwidth packages targeted to users that watch streaming media such as YouTube, use P2P applications, and do major uploading or downloading.

All of our servers have either 100mbit or 1gbit uplinks to major backbone providers in the United States. (The Netherlands and Japan access coming soon!)

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our services.

Secure VPN Packages:
These packages are great for the average internet user who is concerned about their privacy on the internet.

Standard - $4.97 Monthly
Speed: Up to 512Kbps
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Power-User - $8.97 Monthly
Speed: Up to 1.5Mbps
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Secure VPN Packages (High-Bandwidth):
These packages are designed for users who need more bandwidth for streaming media and P2P applications, or for those who just want faster internet access.

Standard - $14.97 Monthly
Speed: Up to 5Mbps
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Power-User - $24.97 Monthly
Speed: Up to 10Mbps
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Professional - $39.97 Monthly
Speed: Up to 20Mbps
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Feel free to ask me any questions via this thread, or send me an e-mail at admin[at]darkwaternetworks[dot]com.

Thanks for looking!