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Thread: Darn Speakers

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    Darn Speakers

    My computer equipment is not being nice to me this week. First the crash. Now the speakers are going. My left speaker sounds a little staticy (SP?). Very annoying when you're playing MP3's or playing some game. I'm gonna go cry now cause I don't feel like going to best buy and buying some new ones and my debit card hasn't come in yet so I'm stuck with staticy (SP?) speakers for another day or two.

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    This is a bit off topic and i hope you don't mind..
    A few months ago i recorded audio off the tv about youth crime and handed it out to this group and i never realized how loud i recorded it and this girl blamed me for bursting her speakers .
    Professor of crime at St Andrews university.

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    I bought a set of Logitech Z560s about 5 months ago - Although it's just a 4.1, I'd say it's a very big competition with the Klipsch 5.1 as I really don't care much about the center channel and it (was when I bought it) 100% cheaper.

    Anyway, the sub on the Z560 is wicked and if you get it, you will not regret it - as I listen to all types of different music varying from classical to heavy-bass rap and it sounds great.

    According to what a friend told me (his sub broke down after about 5 months of use - not sure why it broke down), Logitech provides 1-year warranty on the Z560s and if you have a problem with it, you can just ship the part you're having a problem with and they will either fix it or send you a brand new set. My friend had to send his sub in, they couldn't fix it, so sent him a brand new Z560 box... so he has 4 extra satellites hanging around

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