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    Where to buy photos?

    Does anybody know where to buy these sort of photos? (attached)

    not that particular one, but you know the businessman sort of photos?

    I see people use it everywhere, so im sure its been sold on the internet for comercial use.
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    A source for these type of photos is hemera Photo Objects:

    Marian Software on the Web

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    I get my stock images from
    its the cheapest of its kind, and has good images.

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    Thanks Jeff, looks good. Just joined today. Not sure I like them getting 25cents and only 5cents to the authour. Shouldn't it be the other way round? I would be a lot happier to use it if it was.

    Not sure it is the cheapest though, with so many of these X,000 photo achives. Thing is most the images aren't very good! I was really surprised when I bought a PHP script recently and the guy gave me access to a "members area" which includes 10,000 images! Including ones very similar if not identical to the one posted by tdotn. The script only cost like $10 aswell!!?? That is well cheap for the script (I didn't actually need it just thought it was good value! But anyway!!)
    The site is:

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