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    Question Wanted: VB Template design

    Hi all

    Anyone out there design professional VB Templates? My forum Http:// its a forum for villa rental home owners and as you can see the colour patten is a bit poor and I would like a template for it, not nessercerly new buttons or anything like that just the template.

    I really like template and would really like to have something like that, even a new logo design for the forum, can anyone please help.

    Maybe you can post some examples of your work here?

    Thank you all

    [email protected]

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    We'd be more than happy to design your template for your forum, plus logo design. We will design all buttons etc, for a very low cost.

    Please get in touch for a quote and we can talk from there.

    Best Regards,
    Leigh Hewitt.
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    Visit to find out about .:XiziX:.

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