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    How, why, when, where, what???

    I'm looking to start a web hosting company very soon.

    I've been waiting a month now for servers to be available at one company because of a friend who has offered guidance if I should need it...

    Being new to this, I have no idea what to expect so believed that going with her recommendations was the best option, for reliability and for the guidance that I would have.

    Now, I'm unsure and getting a server from her recommended company is proving to be very difficult.

    I'm willing to take a risk, obviously, but I cannot do this without knowing what is involved and what will be expected of me.

    Can anyone offer some help, or guidance of any sort, preferably from experience and your own knowledge?

    The place I was due to buy from cost $159 per month with $69 CPanel license fee, and any other place equalling this or lower than would be great.

    If anyone can help me who has their own company, then I can more than likely send some custom your way through a domain I own and maintain that is dedicated to the younger audience finding hosting (

    Anyone, please?!

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    What makes you think that ppl would come out to help you after reading such an irritating heading you kept for your post. Keep your post & the heading specific in order to make people help you.

    BTW you can have a look at the following for your reqmts : (only offer ENSIM & PLESK ) ( ppl have sweet n sour reviews for them )

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    I don't think his/her heading is irritating. How, why, when, where, what covers basically every possibly question about something new which he clearly mentioned that he's wanting to start a web hosting business and really doesn't know where to begin, how to do it, when to get a server or where to get a server since the place he's been waiting on hasn't delivered yet.
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    I wasn't aware that it was irritating, I was merely trying to convey my confusion.


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