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    Multi-Layered Reseller Account

    When looking for a Reseller Account, I would imagine it's better to get one that would be NOT be a Reseller Account from a Reseller Account from a Reseller Account etc.

    - What would the proper terminology be for something like this?

    - What would be the best way to ask the prospective new host about this?

    - What are your thought about this?

    Thanks in advance - dave

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    Usually they are referd to as tiers. Like if you were a reseller for a hosting company that is NOT a reseller itself, you would be tier 2. Then if say you as a reseller offered reselling accounts, people who were reselling with you would be tier 3 and so on.

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    Does that "tier" and say a "tier 1" line having anything in common?
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    You can ask your host, if they own/lease the server? that might help
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