I registered my first site with siteturn some time ago. Despite their notorious reputation, I still deceided to let them host another site becase I thought I would have a familiar server envirnment to work in. I was wrong. My 2nd site was on a different machine and everything could not work because of missing modules and lack of support. So I sent request 3 days later to their billing email address asking them to cancel my account and refund me. I sent more emails and never got a response or tacking number until a month later when the a-month-money-back period was reached (for them, I guess now it's safe to issue you a tracking id, how smart they are!). I am still keeping sending such emails because they have not canceled my account so far.

Under such circumstance, I decided to cancel my first account too simply because I was very uncomfortable with their way of dealing customers. Now strange thing happened. They immediately closed my account and connection and sent me a email saying your account has been closed, and service will terminate by the end of billing period. The problem is I have not had a chance to backup my data because I never expected they would respond so soon based on my experience with my 2nd site and other's experience I learned from this forum. What's more they should have not terminated service since they just charged me for another period the day before they closed my account. I sent numerous complaining emails and got no response and at the same time I made several calls to their customer support. The first guy answering my call told me "no problem, we will give you ten more days of connection"; the second "I will look into that, give me your phone and I will call you back"; the third "send email to billing"; the forth "send email to billing". I guess I will never find my data back.

I got stuck with this sucking company. They refuse to cancel my 2nd account and refund me, they prematurely terminated service to my first account. Please advise me what I can do to get my money and data back.

My advice to those looking for hosts is STAY AWAY FROM SITETURN!