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    cosmotek vs gearhost

    gearhost or cosmotek ?

    or any other recommendations?

    im looking for a not expensive no set up fee , windows host.

    i read some many things about so many companies. i know that so many of you had bad experience with any of these but just dont exaggerate pls.

    i just wanna neat host.

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    Just wanted to say that we're glad to be on the list. While I cannot comment on GearHost, I will say to help your decision I would look not only at reviews from members on this forum but also comparable features between the two hosts. This would include not only services and price but other things like network layout and control panel options. All-in-all pick the host who you think will benefit you more, without the problems this board is so frequent to . The best to you in finding your new host.
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    i recently started hosting with gearhost. their web hosting plans are excelent. They do seem to be having some rapid growth problems recently. Their support staff is great although recent response time has been slower. I had some problems with a server being down for about 45mins. Since then it has been up and hopefully stay that way. Have had continuing problems with the other server we are on. It seems to experience 3-8 min downtimes usually twice a day?? Still no explantion on that one? Overall my experience with gearhost has been fair. Things can only get better.

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