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    Anybody tried WinaXe to run XWindows on MS Windows

    I was wondering if anybody tried it and would recommend it. I use win xp primarily, but I also have a linux box without a monitor, so I though of using XWindows' networking abilities to get the programs to display on my ms windows box.

    The problem is, I couldn't find any free software to do that!

    So, do you recommend WinaXe for that?

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    I would highly suggest vnc - in particular x2vnc and x2win - also x0rfbserver. Urls are as follows x2vnc win2vnc and x0rfbserver also the general vnc homepage

    vnc will allow you to control your linux box (or any other computer) remotely either via it's application or via the web. x2vnc and x2x are addon programs to vnc and xwindows effectively emulating a kvm - and x0rfbserver is a modified vnc server for xwindows that makes use of the esxisiting display instead of spawning a new xwindows / desktop session.
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