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    I have a new account and Merchant account. I currently use it for Visa/Mastercard. I know I can add Discover and Amex. Does anyone know if Discover charges a monthly fee like Amex does. Last I checked you can register as a merchant at Amex for 5 bucks a month plus transaction fees.

    Does anyone know Discover's fees? I looked over at their site and didn't see anything except an application.

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    Discover has no monthly fees and it match your visa/mc discount rate.

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    It's pretty easy to get setup too. I just called the business division number for them and then they took all information over the phone. Then about two days later someone called and gave me our number. I think there was a one-time fee for setup, but I don't remember for sure. I'm thinking it was like $50.
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    Yes, as far as I know its just the one time fee as Timothy stated.
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    I *was* going to go with Discover but they said there was a "nominal setup fee" that would be "debited from your account after activation." They never said how much neither on the phone nor on the contract itself.

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