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    Review my site pls

    Pls review that site and sign the gbook pls

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    Too much of blue

    You might consider some other text color other than white. IT does not go well with your bg color.

    Also in the first screen on every page, I cannot see any text. I can only see text when i scroll down.

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    First the good:
    -The actual structure is not bad. You have the right tools to be very informative

    -Your forum/community area looks great.

    Now the rest:
    -Try aligning your text. It's somewhat spread out all over the place, which gives it the appearance of being either undeveloped or hard to follow .

    -Your banner doesn't really blend with your site. It sticks out a bit, so therefore it doesn't really compliment your design.

    -The solid blue is a bit much..even for me..and I love blue.

    I think you're off to a good start and just need some "fine tuning."

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    the other ???

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    i love blueeeee......

    cause that the background is full of blue

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    there is a lot of empty space on every screen in the middle where you expect to find content, although i may have caught you inbetween an update.

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    I believe you got the basic ideas of making the webpage and how links are suppose to be and positioned, but forgive me for saying this your fonts stink. May i suggest cutting down the variety of sizes and fonts. then i also bet the news that you have at the bottom could be inserted in that empty space right in the middle (and left align it and date it sort of like this x.x.xx or something to that value

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