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    * Linux or FreeBSD

    Which OS is better for shared web servers (Linux or FreeBSD)? I have noticed that some control panel makers only support RedHat Linux and FreeBSD. Just would like some input from some more experenced users than myself.

    Thanks in advance


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    The company I work for migrated off of Redhat LINUX onto FreeBSD which prooves to be more stable. That was about the time when I started with the company.

    From what I learned, the company had so many crashes with RH that they wanted to switch over to NT and just offer NT only. It would be mean costly license to run CF and SQL.

    So the new administrator who was a *BSD genius decides to migrate all the accounts over to FreeBSD made it more cost efficient with open source software like mySQL and PHP. The setup was also cheaper than buying NT server licenses.


    I prefer FreeBSD for personal use for dedicated machine. When we ran our personal sites on a FreeBSD box, we never looked back at RH. There are some nice features such as ports.

    I'm actually working on a Control Panel for FreeBSD just to promote it a little more and maybe get more hosting companies to migrate over it. So maybe you'll see some snapshots of it very soon.
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    Good to know.

    I also agree FreeBSD is way more stable for hosting. I'm currently running a FreeBSD box, and a RH box. I like the FreeBSD one 100x better, hasnt crashed, and virtually no problems that weren't caused by me messing something up.
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    I prefer FreeBSD as it is more stable, has the fastest TCP/IP stack, great security features, ports collection is fantastic and it's just a good operating system.
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    FreeBSD is better, but RH Linux is working fine too
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    Yes, I haven't had problems with Red Hat either, I just prefer FreeBSD.
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    FreeBSD. You'll rarely ever hear someone complain about it.

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    I also like FreeBSD but there's are more scripts available for RH. I will choose FreeBSD for hosting.
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    FreeBSD just because it's more stable. And I bet if your clients should chose between a stable server without a Control Panel (or a Control Panel with the minium features) and a RH server that crashes now and day's with a great Control Panel they chose for the FreeBSD server.

    Because the reason afther all is that others are able to visit your site 24/7/365.

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    FreeBSD because of the stability

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    I like FreeBSD because of the ports system of software installation. I also like having my system be able to cvs security updates everynight and update itself withought me having to worry about RPM's not wanting to install for whatever reason when a security problem arises.

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    To me, stability=FreeBSD.

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    so I take it Cpanel doesn't work on BSD?

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    I have freeBSD and use CPanel, so yes, it does

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