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    HIGH QUALITY Pro Hosting Template. BUY IT NOW. Or bid.

    Click Here to view Template.

    Included files: PSD, HTML, Sliced Images

    BUYOUT around $35 (negotiable) no bid

    Free customization, please bid by reply or make any buyout offer by PM.
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    can't see...the sample text is in the way

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    "SAMPLE" text has a light opacity. Maybe your screen is too light.

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    if you say so.

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    aaaah, you're right.

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    Not bad .
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    esh, that's 20% black opacity.

    not exactly hq but it's pretty good

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    Actually, it was 10% opacity. However, I changed it to 5% and overwrote the jpg that is linked to in the first message.

    Colors can be changed to anything if desired.

    **Prices also changed

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