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    New Hosting Biz Template For Sale!

    Hosting Business Template for Sale!

    Included Files Winning Bidder Receives:
    - HTML File & CSS File
    - All Photoshop files (PSD)
    - All GIF/JPEG Graphics/Images

    Other Info:
    - Payment VIA: PayPal (payment must be sent before 2 days after auction ends)
    - Starting Bid: $64
    - Bid Increments: Atleast $5
    - Auction Ending: Monday 1:00pm ET

    The Template

    Please bid only if you are SERIOUS about buying, thank you

    Special Add-ons:
    ::For only $15 (additionally) to the ending bid price, I can customize the one page of the template, to the text whatever you desire, including: Logo, Nav Bar, Plan Images, and Body Text.

    ::For only $60 (additionally) to the ending bid price, I can complete the site (template) for you, but you supply the text for each page. I will edit the images, etc. to fit however you want it.

    (Terms: I have the right to cancel this auction at any time, or to decline any of the Add-ons.. But most likely I won't do this. Just for precautions. )

    (This template and auction display/description text is Copyright 2002 Template(s) & Text, Shawn Pencak - Penc Web Services. All rights reserved.)

    Best Regards,

    - Shawn
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