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    Question gb's of bw vs. mb's

    Ok, I have a large website, which according to my stats (Webalizer - I don't know how precise it actually is) I am averaging approximately 160GB/Mo of bandwidth on a colocated/dedicated server. We have a VB forum, and it's heavily used. The server is a dual PIII with 1.5GB RAM. Recently my ISP had a heart attack when they realized how much bandwidth I was actualy using. They claimed a constant 1.5mb was being used by my server, and bursts up to 3.5. They have throttled my bandwidth down to 768k, and the site is slow as hell, and times out, etc. So if I am indeed only using 160GB (server is running mod_gzip) my math doesn't seem to jive with 1.5mb contstant usage. Or does that sound about right?

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    Reading this post might help (

    A 1.5mbit stream would = about 400gb so it doesn't seem quite right if it was "constant"

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    By constant, I think Lance means extended daytime peaks.

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