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Thread: why the raq

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    why the raq

    i am looking for a detecated server, y should i get a raq??



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    Cobalt-RaQ Servers are a Good server to set-up with

    Thay can provide

    * HTTP Service
    * FTP Service
    * Mail Service
    * MySql
    * PHP
    * ASP

    RaQ Servers are easy to manage. and are cheap to run.
    there are alot of providers out there.

    I would Recommend that you find a provider
    that offers. a FREE Support Service.
    and a Good Bandwdith system.

    Hope this helps with your Enquire
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    Any computer can run those just as well as a RaQ if not better and cheaper. The RaQ does not have much power unless you get a RaQ 5 which I have not seen for sale yet. I don't want it to seem like they are bad servers, I just think you can get more for you money if you buy just a regular server.
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    If you are new to dedicated servers the RAQ is easy to use. If you are either a Linux guru, or want to offer advanced hosting features to clients etc., then the RAQ might be a little frustrating.
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