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    Professional Web Site Layout + Modification / 2.5 Hours Work.

    The following template (see attached JPG) is for sale, to members of WHT as an auction or direct sale.

    The template includes the following:
    - HTML (converted into a html page/format)
    - CSS File (for style, etc)
    - PSD (original PSD image)
    - Images (sliced, etc).

    Also included is:
    - 2.5 Hours of work for modification of logo, layout, etc.
    - Roll over images if needed/requested.

    The image on the right is included, and was taken by the designer, so no stock fees will be incurred.

    If you have any questions please email [email protected] and quote this post reference in your email.

    The Auction/Bidding will start at $75 USD for the template and all files, etc included with it. [note; bidder emailed - currently 75 usd.]

    See screenshot here:

    Thank you
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    God's Country :)
    Good Luck Sean.

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    Nice design. I am sure you will get a good price for this work

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    maybe you should display it with less horizontal width, since a lot of internet people are running at 800x600

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    I'll see if our designer can modify it quickly to make it look better in 800 X 600.

    Thank you for that sugestion
    Sean Higgins
    Pixel Seven

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