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    Question Big different between redhat linux 7.1 - 7.3?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum. If not, I apology for it.

    I have an interactive training course for redhat linux 7.1 administration but can't find a 7.1 version here in Denmark - only redhat linux ver. 7.3. My questions is if there is a big difference between 7.1 and 7.3 so that it would be useless for me to take that course. Hoping for an answer.


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    You won't notice the difference. Just a more recent kernel version is 7.3 not much.

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    There are probably not too many differences between 7.1 and 7.3. I believe 7.1 uses the EXT2 file system and 7.3 uses EXT3, but shouldn't be too different.

    You can always look at the changelog provided by Red Hat.
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    Both have ext3.
    7.3 however has a newer kernel.
    From the desktop point of view there are some difference. The default KDE on 7.1 is KDE.2.x and on 7.3 is KDE 3.0.x

    The rest is the same expect for newer versions of the software.
    So from studies point of view, you wouldn't be missing much..

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