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    Mysql and ms sql host

    I am trying to find a reliable host that can provide both mysql and ms sql for the same site. I know this is not how the site should be designed, and a complete redesign is in the works to streamline everything to mysql, but for now I need a host that can provide both. Our current host is absolutely horrible ( as there is an excessive amount of downtime (typically a few times/day for various periods of time). Thus far the only one I have been able to find is Mosso, but it seems a lot of people on here are anti-mosso, or have had problems with mosso. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would suggest investing at least 15$/month if you want a good host.

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    $15/month is fine. We are currently paying more than that. I need a reliable host that can provide both ms sql and mysql. Thus far the only two I can find are mosso and hostdepartment. I read a lot of bad reviews about hostdepartment, particularly as of late. Mosso seems good unless I want to be able to do a ton of crazy configuration and they are bit pricey, but other than that they seem like a match. I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions as to who else I can check out! The domain I am trying to find a good host for is if you are curious.


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    Thus far the only two I can find are mosso and hostdepartment.
    Finding a provider that offers both should not be that hard, unless you require huge amounts of space and data transfer. Look among the Hsphere based hosting providers, a number of which are listed here.

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    Most Windows host providers will be able to offer unlimited MySQL and MSSQL 2005. Just check the Shared hosting offers in WHT.

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    Check for hosts that offer 30 day or more refunds, You can then try out the service, uptimes and speed then select what host is best. You should be able to find a few in the WHT offers.

    Best of luck.
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    I would agree.... MySQL and MS SQL 2005 is provided by most of the "Professional" Windows Hosts!!

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    A good Windows host should be able to offer both MSSQL and mySQL as well as ASP.NET1/2, Classic ASP, php4/PHP5 (using FastCGI). Try offers section.

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