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    Thumbs up cPanelGui not just a skin for cpanel

    I have been using cPanelGui demo for a couple of weeks. And all I can say its just the greatest addon for cpanel.

    One thing I really like its how easy it gets updated. I started cPanelGui and it told me that there was an update, it downloaded the update, run it and it updated itself and restarted all by itself.

    Its no just a skin but a new way at looking a cpanel. Hope fully this will be my last skin I ever buy.

    I am about to put my order tonight, and will let you know how the installation goes.

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    Part of CPanel?

    I was skimming through their website and I suppose I don't really understand it.

    It's just a skin for CPanel, right? In some places it almost looked like a whole new CPanel itself, but it's still just a skin for CPanel and does require a CPanel license, correct?

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