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    Question isa server


    im just install isa server on my network ( i replaced isa with wingate ) .

    im using windows 2000 ads sp 2 , with active directory + ms domain .
    i have 12 servers ( ftp,web,mail ... etc.. )
    every server have his local ip address ,
    i dont have router or im not using nat .

    i want to be able to get "calls" from the out side world to every server in my local network .

    for example :

    if some one point to :
    my network should point to the web server .

    if some one point to :
    my network should point this "call" to the ftp server .

    is there any way i can do it with isa server ?
    if the answer is yes , so how can i do it ?
    should i use internet ips for every server , or the one ip that i have from my isp should work with this config ?

    thank you

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    I have used ISA and MS-Proxy for a long time but I do not remember anything about reverse ftp access.

    However I have configured it for http servers.

    If it can do it it must be able to understand that connection has arrived from ftp port and it must have a separate configuration to set target ftp server for a special ftp address. (something like that we do with http).

    By the way ftp is very different from http. As it uses two ports. One for commands and the other for data transfer. So it must have some special settings very different than http.


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