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    * - Virtual Dedicated Servers - ROOT access - No setup fees

    To celebrate our new web site and the new Virtual Dedicated
    Server System we are now offering the following WHT specials

    Standard Features:

    Dual PIII 1 GHz or better
    1.5 GB RAM
    Linux 7.3 OS
    1 Dedicated IP address
    2, 3 or 4 GB Disk Space
    15, 25 or 40 GB Transfer Per Month
    ROOT access
    Virtual Domains
    Apache Web Server
    Sendmail SMTP Server
    iPOP3 Server
    Wu-FTPs Server
    SSH Server
    Perl / Cgi-Bin
    MySQL Server
    SSL Enabled
    Webalizer Statistics
    WEBMIN Control Panel
    and more...

    for only $29.95, $39.95 or $49.95 per month for the life of your account
    if you order by August 17th, that is 23:59 PM on Saturday 08/17/02. If you
    would like to take advantage of this discount use the ordering form at and choose the appropriate plan option. Your credit
    card will still be charged just $29.95 for the Silver, $39.95 for the Gold
    or $49.95 for the Platinum plan. Then add " - WHT" after your domain name
    on the payment form (ex. if your domain is "" you should enter
    " - WHT"). After this offer ends, the regular prices will apply.

    Transfer overage is $2 per GB. If you need larger or smaller disk or transfer
    quotas, contact us ASAP. We are 100% sure we can always work out something.

    These are not shared hosting accounts but real virtual servers with the
    complete Linux 7.3 file system structure and full ROOT access. You can set
    your own apache and other servers' configuration. This is an unmanaged
    solution, so the server maintenance is completely your responsibility.
    We can also assist you with any questions you have including configuration,
    reboots and such.

    The server's resources are guaranteed to be shared by only 15 virtual servers.

    We have had 100% uptime in the past 12 months. An IP you can try to see how
    the network responds:

    Your virtual server will be on a fully burstable 100 Mbps LAN. Its connected
    to the Internet through three DS-3s, one with Qwest, one with Verio and one
    with Savvis. The NOC has redundant UPS power systems and is powered from two
    separate power grids. It also has redundant air conditioning systems and dry
    fire extinguishing systems.

    Order yours now!!!

    Sales Dept.

    We recently received some emails about our site being similar to another site. Anyway, we would like you to know that we legaly purchased the template, and to prove that, you can see the purchase receipt here.
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