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Thread: php Safe_Mode??

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    php Safe_Mode??

    In shared hosting should Safe_Mode be On or Off and with it on should it mess with any thing? The term Safe_Mode sounds as if it would keep the server safer but does having this on mess with sites code? Will it make there sites stop moving. From what i read with Safe_Mode Off users can read the password file on linux systems so i would think it should be On..

    Any in put would be great on this.

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    PHP "safe mode" isn't safe in the context of a multi-user system. Use a setuid wrapper (eg suexec) if you care about security.
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    Thanks cperciva..

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    Although I think you'll find most hosts have save_mode enabled.

    Personally I have it enabled for clients and disabled for my own sites as I use the shell_exec() function and to monitor server performance and uptime.

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    Enableing safe_mode will do nothing but break lots of scripts and cause headaches to your customers. It might be a nice feature for a free host or a large ISP, but not a specialized Unix hosting company.

    At least that's how I feel.
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