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    2 more templates...

    I know us designers have come in and taken over your board, but here are some more templates for you guys.

    I am asking $50 for each, but feel free to offer what you may think it's worth.

    I will place the "red" sold mark beside each as they get sold. I know the main green one is already being looked at so let me know quickly.

    You get:
    - customized psd file to your company (name, url, slogan, links)
    - 1 html page
    - slices
    - choice of jpg or gif (if you are that anal!!!)

    Little changes are not a problem.

    Template 2
    Template 3

    Jeff Piper

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    Those look nice... not garden-variety templates that you see all over this board -- they definately have an original feel to them. Good luck selling
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    Nice work!

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    Thanks for the comments guys. Appreciate it.

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    I would like template 2.

    I PM'd on the 3rd but have received no reply. I notice it has now been taken down. Did somebody else beat me to it?

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