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    --------------- Passage from --------------------------

    "Primarily the purpose of this migration is to move customers from an older platform to a brand new platform, to a brand new set of servers for scalability and performance," said Sinha. "It is to give [customers] a better platform, a better environment. The people who are migrated are quite happy with the performance.

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    I would like to hear from these people myself. I have not spoken to 1 Alabanza customer who is happy and or see any improvements. In fact those server that are finally up and running like mine is up and down all day and running sluggish.

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    We can't even get a lame update on the Navisite page anymore.

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    Damage Control for NaviSite, Obviously now they are trying to fool Alabanza customers in to a sense of false security..

    A note from the desk of CEO Arthur Becker..

    Dear Alabanza Customer,

    I want to extend my most sincere appreciation for your patience and forebearance as we resolved the technical issues that disrupted service during the planned data center migration from Baltimore, MD to our SAS70 certified facility in Andover, MA.

    I understand that this has affected your business and your customers, and apologize for the inconvenience and disruption. This is not the standard for NaviSite. While we had planned this migration for months, we did not anticipate a number of scenarios that became major issues during the execution of the migration. Despite the fact that we have acquired a number of companies during the past few years and both consolidated data centers and migrated data, we had never encountered the series of problems that we saw earlier this week.

    In preparation for this migration, NaviSite made significant investments to refresh and update the underlying server infrastructure for the Alabanza customers in our Andover data center. This new platform is built upon several state-of-the-art technologies including SUN virtualization hardware with VMWare and EMC storage area networks. The environment is designed to dramatically improve scalability and reliability, and provides more elastic computing. In addition, given NaviSite’s commitment to the Green Grid initiative, the new infrastructure is also more environmentally friendly.

    During the migration process, NaviSite mobilized an unprecedented number of technical and support personnel to focus on restoring service with a 24x7 coverage, and opened up multiple communication channels, including its web site and inbound telephone centers in the US and in our India office to inform and assure customers.

    As our technical experts identify the root cause(s) of the process failure we will design appropriate remediation programs to accommodate the service disruption. We will also host an all hands conference call for our Alabanza customers in the near future so that we can communicate the reasons for this service disruption in greater detail.

    Once again, thank you for your forbearance, patience and understanding.

    Best Regards,

    Arthur Becker
    Chief Executive Officer
    NaviSite, Inc.

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    * what a lies for ALABANZA NAVISITE FIASCO


    after the lies of Arthur Becker
    Chief Executive Officer
    NaviSite, Inc.

    i just request on nocmonitor from navisite my server On Line
    after 24 Hours opening a support ticket !!!

    Since 1999 ALABANZA Technical staff never need 24 Hours for
    solving problems
    what thinking for Navisite After 7 Days ???


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    Quote Originally Posted by dananoah View Post
    Has anyone completed a move from Alabanza to a new provider.

    How did the Migration Go?

    I spoken with several companies and all said Alabanza uses a proprietary system and they can not guarantee everything will work.

    Anyone using Hostgator?
    I just chatted with their tech, it sounds do-able for what we need. I just am a little skeptical about their pricing: $24.95 per month buys you 23 Gb and 250 Gbit transfer with unlimited domains? They seem to have all the toolds we need and then some .. So why was I paying $500 per month to Alabanza????

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    Hostgator is selling a bill of goods. There is NO WAY they can actually sell that many resources for 25 bucks a month. They are GROSSLY overselling! At best, that means by the time you approach that limit, you'll be told to find another host.

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    Hi Colden, It sounded too good to be true. I was about to open up a reseller account and give it a shot, test some non-critical personal hobby domains. The tools they supply with the Fantastico seemed to be very extensive. But the way it worked at Alabanza, the reseller had to pay extra for every little non-standard add-on, and I get the impression that this is the case with the Hostgator Cpanel/ Webhostmanager, they just don't tell you with the sales pitch.

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    Anybody still hanging around this sad, sad thread? I don't know about anybody else, but this disaster just keeps going on and on for me. I'm moving sites as fast as I can, but it's a slow process. My Alabanza-based reseller - OWH - is currently reporting 3 servers down for "load spikes", and I've got other sites down that are not on any of these three. A different server was down all day long on Sunday. When you visit, the CEO makes it sound like everything is now rosy, but they're a friggin' never-ending nightmare.

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    The spin continues. Many people have no clue this is going on. I have two clients that are affected by a reseller. We got one recreated on another host, he was lucky enough to have his domain with another registrar. My other client is left holding the bag. Any media outlets can check for verification. Still not up.

    Eric Glab
    Aquaworks Web Solutions, LLC

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    This has to be the worse event in the hosting industry.

    I am sure many people who worked very hard to build their hosting business lost more than their shirts and pants in a matter of days.

    For some rebuilding may not be an option at this time but, I am sure Lawyers are now involved, this is a classic case of negligence and NaviSite has deep pockets.

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    Well, we have spent the past few days, attempting to determine how badly our business was damaged by NaviSite's negilliance. Although many of the servers were back online by Friday evening/Saturday morning, the virtual blade enviroment that all Alabanza clients were moved too, continues to fail every few hours, causing an extended outage, and causing us to lose more clients.

    It appears there is a mass exodus from Alabanza to LiquidWeb, and we are currently in the process of moving our Alabanza data to one of these servers.

    I wouldnt expect much compensation from NaviSite, they are already making overtures such as "We moved you to this enviroment for your own good". I would guess that's the so called compensation that they will eventually offer, that's if there are any Alabanza clients left.

    You know, it's funny, Alabanza is dead, though I still still many still clinging to it. No doubt if those that have not considered migrating yet, sticking around, after a 7 day outage is crazy. NaviSite have no experience with Linux/UNIX operating systems, and their staff is not trained to manage that enviroment.

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    * Alabanza / NaviSite Datacenter Migration FIASCO!

    Hi All

    Since Sunday after noon are my server up but i have found that
    on traceroute there are redirected to NOC Baltimore !!!
    Nice Migration from Navisite but in a near future Navisite
    will see the bad effect in the value of them stock !!


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    Web Host NaviSite Discusses Downtime

    To anyone who is reading this, and thinks that any of NaviSite's customers are satisfied as of 11/13/07 with what has transpired over the past week, you are sadly mistaken. As of today, clients can not contact support, are having frequent network outages, due to multiple Sun VMWARE blades crashing regulary, not to mention the damage to their individual businesses and reputations after a seven (7) day outage.

    Much of what NaviSite has spewed to news organisations, are blatant lies, and they are still scrambling to stablise their network, even today.

    It remains to be seen, how many of their clients will be around this time next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloha View Post
    ... the virtual blade enviroment that all Alabanza clients were moved too, ...
    ... NaviSite have no experience with Linux/UNIX operating systems, and their staff is not trained to manage that enviroment.
    Quote Originally Posted by aloha View Post
    ... As of today, clients can not contact support
    Please stop; again you're passing along incorrect information, Aloha. Are you in fact a current Alabanza/Navisite client? Or are you a customer of one of their clients .... getting your information second hand?! Your misinformation here is also causing harm.

    - NOT all clients were moved to blades; A sizable percentage are operating on their individual servers.
    - Navisite DOES have experience with *nix.
    - Clients can and are contacting support and getting responses, and getting issues resolved.

    I am a direct client and I am in contact with a hundred or so others.

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    I am not sure what affiliation you have with NaviSite, however unlike you i`m not in a position to defend NaviSite.

    With respect to your points:
    1. While not EVERY server was migrated to the Sun VMWARE virtual platform, most were, and the minority of hosts which are still dedicated, are still dedicated because NaviSite failed to be able to migrate them to the new system in a timely manor due to the rsync process failing. Believe me I`m sure NaviSite will attempt to migrate these remaining hosts in the near future to the virtual platform.

    2. NaviSite do NOT have the UNIX Technical Staff to be able to manage that enviroment, why do you think it took them seven (7+) days to be able to restore the enviroment after the move? Why do you think things are still failing? name servers, host servers dropping randomly during the daytime etc

    3. If you are recieving responses from NaviSite you are in the small majority. Most are getting no response, just look at every other message board, and news article on the internet about this fiasco, also look at at the complaints from their clients there. Believe me, nobody is getting much of any support.

    Yes I`m a direct client, and its entirely up to you how you want to splin this whole situation. I have a dedicated server which we pay for directly, we also have a reseller account with another alabanza host. If you are a client, i`m not sure how you could even begin to defend NaviSite after they took your business offline for 7+ straight days, honestly that is unheard of in the web hosting industry, and is grounds for a class action law suite.

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