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    Cool CPM advertising available


    I'm starting a new method of advertising (CPM) at the Domain Name Forum located at - a discussion community focused on domain names. Below is the rate chart for what I plan to be charging. Take a look at my site and the banner placement, the banner should be 468x60 in size, and can be gif, jpg, or flash. Clicks and impressions, of course, will be tracked, and you can login anytime to check this information. Here are some quick stats:

    * Site averages around 12,000 banner views a day (which will be split between 3 banners)
    * DNF averages around 750 unique visitors a day

    The CPM rates I'm charging are really low, and with a minimum $25 deposit, it could be a very cost effective method to build traffic to your site.

    Domain Name Forum CPM Rates:

    Views: 40,000 ----- Total Cost: $25.00 ($0.63 CPM)
    Views: 80,000 ----- Total Cost: $45.00 ($0.56 CPM)
    Views: 150,000 ---- Total Cost: $65.00 ($0.43 CPM)

    The maximum banners to be rotated at once is 3, and I'm only accepting the first 2 people who agree to pay (notice I currently already have an

    advertiser in the rotation). I'd really like the funds sent over via PayPal, it would be convenient for me. If you want to work out a deal with more than 150

    If you have any questions, please let me know either by PM/E-mail or AIM, the screen name is "ntc".

    Dan Gessler -

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    Amazing rates! >> Web hosting forum
    I own a webhosting community hosted at
    Thank you DomiNET

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    Thanks styles - and just a quick edit, the 2 slots I was looking to fill are taken, but feel free to e-mail/pm me to reserve a slot once an advertiser drops out (should be at least 15 days or so).


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