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    Need to Find a good host

    Hello, I need assistance in finding a good host(s).

    One site I need to be able to run a message board. What kind of space/bandwidth do I need? It will be for an car forum. I need a host that already has message board software, or one I can add my own.

    The second site I need 500MB - 2GB space, and not a huge amount of bandwidth. This will have mostly images. Not porn.

    Cheaper is better, of course. But I dont want to get screwed with poor support and low uptime. The two sites can be on different hosts too.

    I am using, and they have been excellent so far, from reading there FAQs it seem they dont like either of these types of sites.

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    Some things to check on suggested hosts:

    1) WebHostingTalk Search
    2) Check founded date against date on WHOIS
    3) Check response time to pre sales emails
    4) Check Pings
    5) Post on WHT asking existing clients for feedback about the host
    6) Remember cheaper doesn't always mean better

    Good luck in your search
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