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    Question Tons of ad space, lots of impressions

    What do you think I should charge for ad space? My site as a whole gets over 1000 unique visitors a day. We have a home page, a popular page on diablo2, 5 main sub pages, and dozens of smaller pages. We currently have around 120 pages total.

    What should I charge for monthly ad space? I have room for 468x60 banners. I can put a max. of 2 on each page.

    What is better, rotated or dedicated? (in terms of making $$) I'm not out to make tons of money, just enough to pay for hosting costs, and a lunch at Taco Bell now and then.

    How much should I charge for the home page? The diablo page? the sub pages? and the little content pages?

    Also, where is a good place to seek out sponsors?

    I am just getting started, so I was thinking about $10 a month for a banner rotated with 5 others on the main page, the diablo page, and the 5 sub pages. All for $10 a month. Is that reasonable? Are there any other options I should consider?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    - [email protected]
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    Excellent resource site you have built there. I noticed that WHT is one of your top featured 'webmaster' resources... i'de have thought that one of the foundation webmasters/partners might step up and comment on the excellent work you have done with your site in regards to valid worthy content.

    Based on the traffic stat's you have posted, I believe your price for ad space is very fair. It's best to start out 'low' and then increase as your traffic grows. If the sites placing the ad's get biz from their investment, then you should have a steady stream of ad revenue.

    GoodLuck! Nice site. I'll link too you!

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    I'm right behind you.
    It's all about trying and experimenting...

    What is the CTR, how many impressions etc. - how much are the advertisers willing to pay etc.

    You can't come up with a flat rate just like that..
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    Try setting the price cheap at first. If you get a lot of subscribers, you can charge more!

    Jared C

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    I sent you an email with my interest in advertising on your site. You never replied!
    What's up?

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