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    Smile At last, a reliable and wonderful VPS: ZONE.NET

    I'm very sorry if I sounded to you as "an ad", or as propaganda. That was not at all my intention. If I looked too enthusiastic it was just because I'm extremely happy with

    Bryon, I'm glad you also knew Webcinch, which was the only decent and great host I had before I found They had a severe health problem and had to close down, but that was heaven and from there I went non-stop to hell, to a place called Hostnine (and I don't even want to talk about them). Thank God, from that awful experience I went back to heaven when I found

    If anyone would like to see who we are please take a look to our portfolio, though not updated for nearly a year: Though not updated, you will see about 120 websites designed by us AND OBVIOUSLY HOSTED AT ZONE.NET. We have another 20 websites which we still have not entered at our portfolio.

    Believe it or not, we even have a site IN ENGLISH !!!! But please do not criticize my English ( lol ). Please goto which naturally is also hosted by ZONE.NET.

    If anyone wants to ask me something you may send me an email to

    I'm so glad I have helped many of you by sharing at this great forum my excellent experience with

    All the best


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    I think you unintentionally posted a new thread instead of replying to your other one.
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