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    Looking for Partner for Visuals

    Site Description: is a student collaboration website where users can signup and join or create study groups. Inside a study group, users can use the following features which are accessible by all other users in that group:
    • Study Guides - Users add/remove flashcards and other users can use the study guides. Multiple people can contribute questions. Support for 5 multiple choice and/or an explanation.
    • Online Tests - Users add/remove test questions. Test results are stored.
    • Document Posting - Each group is allotted 200kb space to host documents, images, etc for their group members to download. They can also post URL's or just input text in this section.
    • Group Calendar - Keeps events organized.
    • Forums - Users can post to forums, and moderators within the group can moderate the forums.
    • Announcements - Each group can post announcements within their group to keep everyone informed.

    Groups are equipped with permissions so that administrators can control every aspect of their group. Just about every feature is covered so each member can be allowed to do different things.

    Also, administrators of groups can send e-mail to their group through the server. Users can opt-out of group emails by a group to group basis.

    Users have full control over what is displayed about them to other members. They can even choose whether to allow people to email them through, email them directly, or deny all email communication.

    Target Audience: Middle and High schoolers, but any age can find this useful, even if it's not school/study related. It can bring any group of people together to collaborate or share information.

    Almost the entire website is coded. It is all in PHP with mysql as the database. A web host is secured, and I'm hoping to launch within a month or two. I have a basic layout now, but I'm sure everyone will agree that it is not as good as it could/should be.

    I'm looking for someone talented who will be able to basically make things look pretty.

    You can contact me:
    AIM: CompMan86
    ICQ: 36334215
    Email: [email protected]

    I prefer AIM, so if you have it, use it. :-)

    I look forward to working with you!

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    could you post either an image or a url where we could see the site?

  3. #3 <--register for an account there <--that's your personal control panel <--that's a sample group you can administrate <--that's the study group.

    It's still rough around the edges. If you happen to come across a bug, let me know.

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