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    Talking My First template, for sale

    Well, its not something super super special but if you want to take a look at it..

    It's my first one so I guess I can offer it cheap. Start the bid at.. 10 bucks? Well, give me an offer via pm or post

    Anyway, you'll get the PSD or PSP file with everything properly labled so its easier to find something you want to change. And i can slice it for you and put it into html if you want for another 10 bucks

    Payment will be via Paypal

    And comments welcome
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    Not bad for your first one.

    I'm sure this will sell.
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    It looks as if you're using PSP, try using the anti-alias feature.

    Not bad for your first shot
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    You spelled DeDicated wrong

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    lol thanks that can be easily changed, thank goodness

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    Looks alot like the template for the wouldbe, hehehe.

    Not bad!
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    I'd open the bidding with a $10 bid, if I knew when the auction ended.

    Nice first template.
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    how about .. ends Sunday night 9PM CST? hehe specific enough?
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