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    Host service with THIS!

    I am trying to find a hosting service that besides all the normal
    would setup up a Roger Wilco or Teamspeak server for a
    small monthly fee. Of course shell access would be needed to
    reset it if the RW or TS server fails...

    the amount of bandwidth involved is:

    600 bytes per sec per user.

    I would expect a max of 20 users, during peak evening fri-sun. average hourly amt of users would be 3-5.

    Any suggestions....... I have tried getting a response out of game server companies, but they ignor the email........

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    n/m - sorry
    neil MCITP, VCP

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    Try posting in the requests forum, you will probably get more responses there
    Chris Adams - CEO - Rochen Ltd. - chris (at) rochen (dot) com

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