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    Maximising Uptime.

    OK, age old problem. My uptime isn't good enough. Any recommendations?

    I am using WHM / cpanel, and have checkservd running, however that has it's limits.

    I thought of installing monitoring software and get the servers to monitor each other.. maybe an uptime monitoring service?

    I do belive that if I know when there is a problem instantly (e.g. via email) this should be sufficent for me to greatly improve uptime. But I don't want loads of reports saying "there is a problem and we fixed it" like checksrvd.

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    If you're looking for a remote uptime montoring service, I highly reccommend Alertra ( ). They offer a 30 free trial so you can decide whether or not you like the service, and after that it's a pretty modest fee to continue service.

    That said, if your uptime isn't doing very well, maybe you're running a kernel prone to memory leaks or something?
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    489 < -- can monitor your servers and email you ever minute they are down - I use it, works good on the most part at alerting of problems. can email you periodically when it scans every 15 mins etc..
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