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    Post WHT Special: 50GB of BW, Unlimited Domains/POP3, 1GB Space, $15

    We are offering 5 of these specials @ $15 per month for the first six months, you may then pay the regular fee, switch to a different account or cancel. E-mail or PM me if interested. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions ... have a great weekend!

    Multihomed bandwidth (UUNet, Qwest, TouchAmerica) from our Washington data center. IP to ping -

    Unlimited Domains
    Full Control of DNS information
    Anonymous DNS Servers
    Virtual DNS
    Plesk 2.5 Control Panel
    FreeBSD 4.5
    Resellers can Private Label the Web Interface
    1GB of space - with additional disk space at no extra cost
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited POP3 Accounts
    Web Based Email
    Unlimited Autoresponders
    Unlimited Email Forwarding Accounts
    Unlimited MySQL D.Bases
    Full Access Logs and Web Viewable Statistics
    Apache ASP
    All client-side technologies supported (Shockwave, Flash, Java)
    Real Audio/Video Supported
    1998-2002 FrontPage Extensions
    Dedicated IP Address
    Generator Backup
    Daily Off-site Data Backups
    24/7 Server Monitoring
    Toll-Free Technical Support
    30 day Money Back Guarantee
    Same Day Free Set-Up

    [email protected]
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    what is the regular price.

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    $49.95 per month.

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    This offer would be more appealing with a cheaper rate for signing up for a year or somethign along those lines. Cheaper rates for a few months are a gimmick that those in need of serious long term hosting do not usually go for.

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    $15 for 6 months is a phenomenally good deal considering the quality bandwidth, included options and length of time we have been in business. A "gimmick" is offering your client lifetime hosting for $85. Good luck in your search.

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