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    Contact Number for Namezero

    I need a contact number for namezero, I brought a domain in Apr/may and I want to transfer it out, verisign wont let me because they say there are billing issues.

    The buggers (namezero) havnt paid the bills!

    How can I find out there fone number? I want to give them hell!

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    Dont worry, got it!


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    "You may also use the Namezero Plus member live phone support between 9:00 AM and
    5:30 PM PST Mon.-Fri. The number is 1-877-670-7000 for North American
    members. All other Namezero Plus members may call 1-604-434-5078.
    Please note: Live phone support is for Plus members only, non-Plus members
    will not receive phone support"

    I would be very interested in knowing how this turns out. I transfered out of NameZero (escaped) in February.

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