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    Post Webhosting Control Panel (With .NET Support!)

    The Command Matrix™ is a web-based remote control application designed with the shared hosting provider in mind. Ideal for hosting providers looking for a low-cost scalable solution for clients interested in Windows™ based hosting solutions; the Command Matrix™ helps web-hosts provide clients with considerable amount of control over their accounts.

    The Command Matrix™’s ease-of-use makes it the first choice for dedicated server clients with little or no administrative experience on Windows™ 2000 based servers. The built-in support for Microsoft® .NET™ makes it easier for HSPs to deploy hosting solutions based on the latest technology.

    The reseller-level access feature allows web-hosts to grow their market share by offering scalable reseller accounts.

    The Etrinix® MailMatrix™ software comes bundled with the Command Matrix™ with NO ADDITIONAL LICENSE REQUIREMENTS, making the Command Matrix™ the only solution of its kind; offering an intuitive web-based e-mail interface coupled with a solid POP server!

    For further details, please visit .
    Etrinix Corporation

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    this was posted at 11:03 (my time) at 11:13 when I visited the page I get..

    Thank you for visiting our web site. It is currently down for maintenance, Please check back soon.
    neil MCITP, VCP

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    * oops!

    heh, try now
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    Looks pretty good!

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    hmm, looks fine ...

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    Thank you for the feedback
    Etrinix Corporation

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