As a offer to help all of those that are going through the ups and downs of Cyberwings, we are prepared to offer this to all that used to be on thier network:

1/2 price on all of our hosting plans listed at for the life that you host with us. If you have specific requests that our plans do not offer, email [email protected] for a quote and do not forget to mention that you were a former Cyberwings customer.

In this day of age with the Internet, true hosting without games or issues are a rare thing. We are just trying to help out the net with the people that are having a hard time just keeping thier sites up.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and many others, along with allowing you to send a check or money order each month. We will work with our customers to make sure that you are happy with us. We are not the biggest ISP, but we know what it takes to make our customers happy.

We do ask to take advantage of this offer, contact [email protected] prior to placing your order! We will need to give you special links for payment if you wish to pay by Credit Card so that you do not get charged full amounts by our systems as we use for all of our Credit Card processing.

Thank you to everyone, and hope that this helps out some people that need to find a hosting company that realizes that thier websites are the calling card for alot of business, without them up and running, it looks bad on them.....