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    Animator seeking one-time/part-time/full-time job.

    Greetings, I am an experianced digital animator looking for an opportunity to show my skills to the world. I'm fully dedicated and am able to work hard under pressure, and I always tend to pull through whenever I push myself hard enough.

    My skills in flash animation are top notch, I can do anything from creating a simple gif banner to doing a series of cartoon episodes. My 3D artwork is also very good, I can model and render items and landscapes alike. My skills can stretch from a simple mountain view to a fully detailed city-scape. All in a lustrious 3 dimentional fashion. My CGI animation skills are also in high development, however I wouldn't be able to render CGI movies a lot due to hardware restrictions. I can also do simple digital art for website banners and pictures and all sorts of neat and beautiful artistic creations for your websites and/or posters.

    I'm also highly experianced in video editing using Adobe Premiere, I can edit, enhance, add effects, and do much more to simple videos and movies to meet your needs.

    I wont expect much for payment, since I'm strictly doing this for the experience, and I would expect some exceptions for studies and such. Which would also benifit you as an employer.... The more I study, the better output I can have for you!

    If your interested and would like to see some of my work, or better yet if you would like to see some of your ideas come to life in a digital or 3D picture, just send me an E-Mail at [email protected] and send me your criteria. I'll have it done in no time, however I will not do animations for examples. Sorry.

    For questions and such, just E-Mail me, or leave a friendly note here in this thread. Thank you for your time..

    Inder Nirwan.
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