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    Nocster's closeout section??

    I am planning to leave from RS.
    I'd like to separate my main site from customers sites. Therefore, i am thinking about Nocster's closeout section box, which are cheaper and enough for my own 5 sites to run well. Then i will buy a reseller plan for customers.

    Nocster's satff told me the boxes at closeout section are used ones(certainly ^^), but i am worried about it's reliability. Has anyone got any experiences on their closeout boxes??
    they say they will swap the new one immediately, if hardwares fail ,but is it true??

    RS said so before but took two days to swap rams.

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    I don't have any experience with their closeout section. But, I can tell you, they have never told me anything that they have not followed through with. In other words, if they told you they will swap out any hardware that fails with new, I would believe it to be true. But, like I said, I have no actual experience with that.
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