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    Does anyone have any experiences with

    Their packages look excellent. THe only real problem I notice is that they charge $2 per account signup. I assume that this covers their costs of Hsphere - but I thought HSphere licenses were $5 per signup.

    Any ideas?

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    I saw the special he was running and signed up to have a chance to work with HSphere. Brett responds to questions qucikly and does what he says. When I signed up he waiting for the release of more IPs. Within a couple hours I had new IPs and nameservers up and running. All HSphere sellers charge for license fees. Some will include a certain number with your account but then charge for extras. I have seen other companies charge $3-5. I am not sure what his end cost are. It depends on the quantity he is buying in. Also, I think this is special he is using to promote the company.

    Overall I am pleased no downtime and all my questions answered.

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    * A curiousity

    I thought it was a red flag for a host when they have banners on their main webpage.

    They have a adbanner on the bottom of the page for viagra!


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    Maybe they get a discount on the drug if they place a banner for it.
    Now I've heard it all, from 12 year old hosts to "how old do you have to be to need viagra?" hosts.
    What next? Athletes foot cream banners for athletic hosts?

    Seriously, one would think they would put any affiliates on a seperate affiliate page.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
    "When you use bottom feed for bait, you are only going to catch bottom feeders."
    "You do what you are, and you are what you do."

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