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    Does free webhosting really exist....hmm...

    Yes and no....i have a website and am very, umm...bandwidth conservative..haha. So ive been searching for free hosting places to host images/movies. So far ive found, nothing....but then again, im lookin for like lots of bandwidth and lots of space...not gonna happen huh? but man, lots of these free places, my god! Most of them if you type in the wrong addy, PRON!!!!! so my question, anyone know any non pron infested sites that offer good amounts of bandwidth, im looking maybe 10-20megs max of space...thx! oh, ftp access to...

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    Most free hosts won't allow you to serve images/movies from their servers on pages you have on another place. This means that you are using their bandwith but not displaying any pages, so you are not displaying their ads.
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    I'm not into this whole free hosting thing myself, but you might have a look over at

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    Try searching on:
    They list about 1,300 free webhosts with user reviews and ratings.

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    No, you get what you pay for

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    In the heady days of a few years ago free hosting was everywhere. I'm sure most of us started out on a freehost (mine was, later owned by the Go network, now long dead), but nowdays it's a rarer beast though still abel to be found. As Ahmad says though most won't allow 'leeching', the act of using their bandwidth for nothing more than file storage, and they prevent hotlinking.

    I don't really blame them though. With the ad revenue so low now for 'sponsered' hosting they need to get as many people to see those ads as possible.

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