We have decided to offer LIFETIME access to any updates to our game packs. Currently there are over 2,300 games and we will be posting updates to this pack every 1-3 weeks.

Now you can set your arcade up and NEVER have to worry about adding games again! Every so often simply download our updated package and upload the new .xml file and run the import script. If its already in your DB it moves onto the next game to make sure that you don't have duplicates! We have people submitting new games to our sites all the time and we also have a few people that manually add them for us when they find good games that we don't have.

Other than the lifetime updates there are 2 different packs of 1k games each currently available for $50 each.

Delivery system:
The files you download contain a .xml file and a few .php files which you upload. The import file is based on our Movie adding .xml processing script which supports curl and file_get_contents as well as both PHP4 and 5. It will grab the thumbnail and game files from our server. This system currently supports GameScript V3 and 4 as well as PHPArcadeScript V3 and our Free Arcade Video Script.

The new free script we offer can be seen at http://demo.fastfreemedia.com/ which has all the features you could ever ask for to run an arcade/video site for FREE!

For the first 5 customers we will offer a 10% discount, and ONLY 5 so please don't ask, and if you want it, order it. Discount code is: intro will expire after 5 uses.


In addition if you would like to add videos to your arcade/video site, we have available

2,000 Videos configured for the scripts above for $50 ea, or 6,000 videos for $125. Available on the link above.