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    WTB: Web Hosting related sites

    Looking to buy web hosting related websites. Pretty much anything that has to do with web hosting can be considered. Web Hosting business websites, Web Hosting directories, tutorials, blogs, review sites, etc. - as long as it is hosting related.


    Important: I only accept offers via PM!!!!!! Do not post your website and offer here in public!!!!

    - Domain and website must be older than 1 year (don't slap a directory on a domain and try to offer it / if your site is 6 months+ and established offer it for review)

    - Domain name must be transferable (no stuff)

    - Must be a dot com/org/net - No dot info or other TLD

    - If a site makes money, let me know how much and from which sources

    - If you have an idea of how much you want for your site, include it in your offer as well

    - I don't care about Page Rank or so.

    - Please provide traffic information.



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    Hosting sites for sale

    I have 2 sites for sale

    They go hand in hand together. They are heavily advertised and 1 is a pr1 with an alexa ranking of under 250,000
    The other is a PR2 and has available resources if you want to get into everything that has to do with online gaming community. Icannot pm you but you can contact me on

    yahoo messanger as rambo_this

    anyone interested can contact me

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    Send me a PM with the info, please. Thanks.

    Web Hosting Resource Kit - Web Hosting Reviews & Hosting Tutorials

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    I cannot PM u it does not show up to pm you.

    contact me by email and i can tell you the domain names and sites for sale.

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