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    Anyone ever use Soniqhost?

    Posting this for a friend...

    They seem to have excellent price and value, but what about support and uptime etc?

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    They have an advertising banner on their site that usually isn't a good sign for a company who charges for their services

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    Yes having ads and such on a company site is a huge no no and red flags should go up.

    Also check their little graph in the bottom left

    Their contact us page doesn't provide an e-mail address or alternative contact method which is also a bad sign.

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    WHT search doesn't seem to pick anything up about this lot.
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    Nice guy, I believe it is operated by a gentleman named Stan.

    I have two old sites hosted with Soniqhost, had found them on eBay. Uptime is great, service is real good.

    I now have most of my other items consolidated with Dixiesys, but I have the other two still with Soniq given that things have been working well with them.

    I have emailed Stan to see if he could come out here and intro himself.


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    Hrm.. Google yielded this:

    WildCard, could you invite Stan over to explain this (if possible)? Was it like scheduled outage for system upgrading?

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    Reply To issue

    My Name Is Stan and I run, as for
    We had an issue with a server, we setup a different server, setup the account on a different server and upgrade the network. The new network and server has had only one down time in the past year and the server was up within 10 minutes. I will Also remove the banners from my site, they where placed there through banner exchanges to promote the service.

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    Thanks for the reply Stan. I'll pass on this good news to my friend

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    I but just about all ISP's have ads on there sites and no one puts them down.
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