Remote Vunerability Assesments starting at $150

the biggest threat to your small or medium business is one of your most key elements, your computers. you might think because you aren't as big as some of the companies that usually get attacked electronically you are not a target, this is sadly not the truth in-fact many computer criminals target smaller business because they don't have the security infrastructure that many larger companies have, even the possibility that someone isn't keeping track of the logs on your computers means that they can get away with stealing your personal information the life blood of today's society. did you know before the code red and nimda(code red II) hit the internet there was a patch on the market against the buffer overflow vulnerability that made it possible?

do you also know that today you and many other people on the internet are vulnerable because they use software like AOL Instant messageger(TM) ,and Microsoft Windows XP\98\200\NT(TM), Microsoft Outlook TM), Microsoft Internet Explorer TM),RPC Bind, Wu-FTP 2.42(TM), OpenSSH(TM) and many other commonly used products on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux\Unix systems. even more scary is the fact that there are vandals and criminals on the internet who scan large blocks on IP addresses on many computer networks just to see if you are running that software. it doesn't matter if you are large or small it only takes a second to loose it all. and it takes more then a firewall to keep your data safe