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    What's up with Level3?

    I've noticed quite a few slow sites lately (including WHT), and whenever I get one of those I run Visual Route on it to see if there's a problem. Over the past couple of days I have noticed that anytime a route changes from Level3 to another network packets start dropping. To WHT, the route goes from Level3 and switches in Los Angeles to Verio, and as soon as it does packets are dropped. On another site I checked it goes from Level3 to Electric Lightwave at Mae West (San Jose, CA), and immediately packets are being dropped. On another site the same thing, but this time it's changing from Level3 to AOL's network at a hop in Washington DC. Packet loss is consistantly 10% or higher, and ping times jump significantly at that point as well. This has been happening for a couple of days, and I have noticed that at night the problem is significantly less, so this problem is somehow load-based.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    Parts of their network may be overloaded?!?

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