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    Top notch, colorful, hi-tech, template for sale...lots of options!

    Allow me to unveil the latest design by Azaloth Productions, this is the most basic version of a completed template. Think about it as though you were buying a new car. What you see here is the base model, it has no luxury options, the less powerful engine, and no flashy extras. It's still a gorgeous car but it is in its most basic state.

    Bidding for the base of this template (the images/html/styles for you to customize on your own and implement. I will convert the header buttons to attractive roll overs if you opt for this basic option rather than a Flash conversion free of charge) starts at $125 . I prefer PayPal as a method of payment, however if that is a complication other methods can certainly be discussed.

    Now here's where it gets interesting, if you like this template and want flash animation added to the navigation, header, etc, including true 3D models and sound, simply describe to me what you want and I will give you a quote as to the additional fee.

    If you want a second page for the sub-pages (i.e. a template page in which all the pages of your site aside from the first one can be plugged into) that is also an additional option. This page would make a fantastic frontice piece but requires some serious customization to work for every page.

    If you want scripts installed, rudimentary backend functionality implemented, or anything else those are all also options, just me me know and I will give you a quote.

    So here's the basic model of the template:

    The highest bidder as of Aug. 5th wins the base model, the buyout is $250, and anyone who opts for an entire website designed based on this template will of course take precedence.

    Thanks very much and I hope I've made it clear enough how this works. Templates/designs by Azaloth Productions have been very much in demand lately and it's been quite some time since I've had the spare time to make a template to auction off. So ,don't miss out, join the ranks of such gorgeous Azaloth designed websites as and with a cutting edge Azaloth Productions design and catapult your web presence to the top of the industry.

    Thanks for your interest and please donít hesitate to PM, or E-mail me with any questions you might have. My e-mail is: [email protected]

    Thanks and good luck bidding, this post will probably be posted in other forums and on other websites as well so if you are outbid but don't see the post here that is why.
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    Interesting template, nice use of colors, and cool font ( what is it? ).. That said, I think if you used a little less dramatic geometry it would be even better. I'm sure someone will buy it for the asking price anyway, it's well worth it. Good luck.

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    And you may want to just take a screenshot of it and not leave the source for some cheap scape to just rip and not pay for it.

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